Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The warmest white Christmas ever!

All said and done, I've ended 2009 fabulously. Not only did I train for and run my first half marathon, I wrapped it up with an awesome family vacation to Chicago and beyond.

Here are some pictures from then...

A limo pick-up at Chicago! I wish I was half awake to enjoy it though. The 30+ hours journey was a killer.

Someday I'll be pounding the streets of Chicago

The Bean

With my parents in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum

One of the numerous pretty brooks in Waupaca. Seriously, snow makes everything look so lovely!

Even saw some solitary joggers! And I'd get overly excited everytime I spotted one. Should have gotten a picture :(

A fireplace to warm my back and a fabulous brandy slushie to get into the Christmas spirit :)

My first traditional Christmas lunch ever...everything was so yummy!

Opening gifts with the family was so much fun...first time again

At the Packers game (I swear I was the only colored person there) with the boyfriend and his dad. Now, how many Indians can claim to have done this, at Lambeau no less? Ooh check out those mighty mittens!

Boyfriend's dad helps my dad walk onto the frozen lake. My mom needed no help though, she literally ran out (this trip was her first exposure to snow)!

The boyfriend packing in enough for a brutal facewash. Check out the wicked grin. And yes, it was brutal.

The NYE party. The hostess is a marathoner and needless to say, we discussed IT bands and foam rollers. Perfect party conversation.


  1. Yay! I love all the pics! So fun! You WILL be pounding the pavement at Chicago soon! :)

    BTW - Your BF is a total cutie!

  2. Hi! Those are some great photos!

    One of the most memorable vacations I've had was in Chicago...