Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello from Chi-town!

Indian chica in freezing Chi-town = disaster.

No big deal as far as running is concerned since I have decided to rest up my injured body till the new year in any case. But yayee to me for getting in 40 minutes of a moderate cardio workout today!

This is how it went:
- 20 mins easy running (treadmill, 2% incline)
- 10 mins elliptical (level 8)
- 10 mins reclining cycle (resistance 9)

But no, this workout wasn't all smooth-sailing but interrupted by pretty crazy bouts of breathlessness. Turns out, this was due to the change in altitudes ventilation failure in a 3X3 cubbyhole of a gym. So now this has got me thinking about le grand Chi-town marathon plan for 2010. Am I running it (or more like, will I be able to without busting my lungs)? I'm undecided all depends on how I train and more importantly, how 2010 lines up for me (big changes ahead!). But really, how does one train to run at a higher altitude without actually being at that altitude?

PS: I'm getting used to the cold now so no worries. The new, very elegant Jessica Simpson coat may have something to do with that. *sigh*


  1. Is India that far below sea level? Wow and I thought Florida was bad! I did great at Chicago and am seriously considering doing it again next year... if you do maybe we can meet! Yay!!! Enjoy Chi-town and rest up those legs!!!

  2. Wow... congratulations on that run!!