Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A sucky week

This has been a bad running week. Same old, same old. I ran just one day (Tuesday) and it was a painful 2.66 miles before I was forced to stop and limp my way home.

Today, I finally managed to get in the X-ray session. I’m to see the ortho on Friday, so (hopefully) we’ll know something then. But it doesn’t look like I’m getting back to serious training any time soon.

Anywhos, I’ll take the rest if it means pain-free running in the future. I’m just hoping this is all over soon. For now, this blog sucks because I have no exciting running stories to tell.


  1. hang in there :( i hope you get your injury figured out soon! be patient and heal up and you will be back better than ever!

  2. First things first... WHY HAVEN"T YOU COME OUT ABOUT HAVING A BLOG ON MY BLOG?!?!?!? You young lady are in trouble!!! You want to know the absolute irony of this whole situation??? Today as I was drafting "3 Things Thursday" I call you out specifically and tell you to let me know when you get your blog up so I can come give you blog love!!!!!! Your last comment on my blog made me so happy that you were finally going to get a blog and I do most of my blogging at work (shhhh don't tell) and for whatever reason I can never click on my "followers" so lo and behold I can't sleep tonight and decide to click on new followers and there you are!!!! 2:01 on your Half?!?!? OMG you are a rockstar girl! You did great! I'm so sorry to hear you are having issues though and I hope, hope, hope everything is ok! I am officially a follower of your blog and will be stalking you! :)

    So happy to finally "meet" you! :)

  3. Aron, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a reassuring comment. I've spent all this off-running time following fab running blogs. Your journey to the BQ has been inspiring!

    Morgan, so so happy you came by and wow that IS ironic! Yes, I got me a blog as soon as I posted that...couldn't go around being creepy anymore. Plus I had so much to write about. So a big YAY for being able to connect with you! Big blog love right back at ya, girl!

  4. It's the low points that test our character and remind us just how strong we are. Congrats on the 2:01 half - Great job.

  5. Thx for stopping by my blog!
    Okay, so being injured totally stinks. You gotta listen to your body and know when to ease back. (Im one to talk...) Hopefully your doc can give you some helpful exercises and you'll be as good as new soon!

  6. Oh your blog does not suck! I hope you rest and recover and are back out there soon!