Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Tan-O-Phobic Runner

Well, hello there! Finally, after much procrastination and stalking some fabulous running blogs, I’ve gotten down to the business of initiating one of my own. This running blog debut comes close on the heels of another big debut: my first race ever! On November 1, 2009, I ran the Delhi Half Marathon.

I have, on many occasions, questioned my wisdom on this decision. Shouldn’t I be starting off with a modest 5K instead? Maybe, but Looking Glass aside, I just want the experience to be fun (I may or may not be secretly coveting a certain finish time). I also have a tendency to go straight for the big ones. Teehee.

So, run away with me as I wend my way through life, ramble passionately about running, scribble random bits of poetry, balance a full-time job, dig into my not-so-splendid past, live the colorful Indian life, and lather on dollops of sunscreen. This is my marathon and there is no finish line.

Welcome to my life!

P.S. – Ok, so yes I’m not big on tans. I believe every runner’s allowed some eccentricity, right?

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