Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, I've been living with this for 5 months

More than a month has gone by since I raced the Delhi Half and yes, things have changed dramatically on the running front. I’ve fallen off the wagon. Before kicking off this rant, let me put my debut race result out there: 02.01.24.

Ok, so I’m not thrilled with this but at least I can tell myself that this is only the beginning and it only gets better here on. I was secretly hoping to go under two hours, but oh well…let me just say that it was possible, even easy. I’ll save the details for a more complete race report.

As I was saying, this past month has been bad in terms of running. I tried to get back to it a few days after the race, but my right leg decided to give up on me. I’ve had a pretty rocky relationship with this leg of mine for some time now.

First a clicking hip, then ITBS-like symptoms, then sciatica-like symptoms, and now a ‘I’m-getting-rid-of-you-if-you-don’t-behave’ type of symptom. It’s been one harrowing journey that started a few months before the Delhi Half, involved copious amounts of ibuprofen, Bengay (and other Bengay-like gels), and has becoming awfully painful to live with.

Needless to say, I took two weeks off running after that one particularly painful recovery week. The rest did absolutely nothing for the damn leg and I gained two kilos in the bargain. That is definitely NOT the deal I signed up for! Seriously, I have only myself to blame for that. I eat when I’m miserable and not running makes me miserable.

This week, as I prepare for an X-ray the ortho advised, I’ve gone back to running. Not a great deal, but I’ve got four easy running days marked up on my calendar...two down, two more to go. My leg may be in pain after every run, but at least I’m at peace with myself.

I know, I need to fix the problem and yes, I’m onto it. More details on the mysterious leg ailment as soon as I get the ortho’s take on the X-ray report.
Dear God, I just want to run.


  1. Hi! Thanks for reading my blog.
    Congrats on your first HM! That time is amazing for a debut race; be proud!
    I'm sorry your leg has been giving you trouble... I'm glad you are going to the doc. Have you tried foam rolling? That has been a life saver for me, with my ITB and piriformis/sciatica pain. Also, see if your doc can refer you to a physical therapist, I think that might help! Best of luck!

  2. I just found your blog! Congrats on your 1/2! That is a great time and you're right: you'll only get better and better!

  3. Julia, thanks! Hope your knee is getting better. I'll definitely check out the foam roller when I'm in the US next week...don't get any in India :(

    Marcia, thank you and congrats on the BG girl! I look forward to reading your blogroll.